Tracey Inkson Photography-Privacy Policy

What information and data is being collected?

I collect your data and information during your booking process and after you book with Tracey Inkson Photography and when you use any of our services. The information collected includes.

  • Name and address which is used to process your booking and will be used for home session travel information and for posting by registered post your prints and package items.

  • Name and address of anyone placing an order from your gallery to process and post your order to.

  • Names and addresses with ages and any information regarding disabilities that may affect your location chosen for your photo shoot.

  • Details and notes taken to plan your photo shoot suit as business details or baby’s health and weight or children and family names and ages to plan poses and locations.

  • Your emails via my email or social media which are held to ensure smooth customer contact and relay information such as offers given and conversations regarding photo shoots.

  • Your images will be held on a password protected hard drive for 2 years, on my password protected laptop for 1 year which will be locked in a secure area and on your online gallery with your password for two weeks before being archived on the gallery encrypted software for 1 year. If a social media image is allowed this will remain on my facebook page/website unless requested to be removed.

You have the right to email me for your images and information to be deleted at any time.

Who is collecting the data/information?

  • This data is being collected by Tracey Inkson Photography of Myrtle cottage, brough, Caithness, KW14 8YE In which we use password protected and encrypted software.

  • Your data may be collected via your email, booking form and questionnaire or through the telephone at the time of booking your session.

Why is the data being collected?

  • Your data is collected in image form during your photo shoot and your personal data collected in order for us to provide our service to you only. This information will not be passed to any third party.

  • To use on our business page social media and website gallery unless requested to be kept private on the questionnaire at the time of booking.

  • Images may be used in advertising on social media, newspaper and magazines and competition entry unless requested to be kept private on your booking form.

  • For marketing materials such as posters and business cards unless requested to be kept private on your booking form.

  • You have the right to request removal of your images from any of the above at any time, Images taken during free model calls will be given a contract to enable you to purchase the images in return for removal as they were intended for.

Who will my data/Images be shared with?

  • Your privacy is very important to us and we will not pass on your details to any third party organisations other than.

  • Print companies to enable us to print your images for you, they will not receive your name and address only the image.

  • Delivery and postal services, your name and address will be visible on your package along with telephone number if via a courier.

  • Editing companies may receive your images for higher skilled edits such as backdrop swaps and fills and skin edits on some babies. No name and address information is given and the company use encrypted systems in place with no sharing of your images.

  • Legal requirements and insurance companies should and court orders are in place.

  • Accountant who will receive your invoice with your name and address to process my accounts.


How long is your data stored?

  • Your data will be stored within 17 hats software in which your original booking form was received indefinitely on an encrypted and password protected software. You can contact me at any time to have this data deleted.

  • Your images are stored for a maximum of 3 years unless requested to be deleted by you at any time.

  • Your information required for our accounts will be required to be kept for the legal minimum period such as your invoice and payment record.

Access to your data

  • You have the right to ask to view the data held on you at any time and may request a copy of the data including images which will be sent via a contact sheet of viewable thumbnails.