Learning to shoot Manual.

Have you had that beautiful DSLR sat in a cupboard because its just too confusing? Do you love photography but at the moment shooting in Auto mode? want to become a better photographer but all those numbers get the better of you. Our courses will send you home full of confidence to tackle all the above and enjoy your photography without barriers. We offer a full day 1-2-1 for £99 or for two people £69 each and we spend the morning in my studio learning and afternoon outside putting it all into practise. I have a great sucsess rate and love to teach you what I love to do.

Get the most out of your camera.

Its amazing what can be achieved with any point and shoot camera even your phone. Are you sick of taking out of focus images or on your point and shoot camera everything is a big blur? we can teach you with any camera how to get the best out of it and best out of all situations including teaching you how they work and what each setting does. I can teach you to take better images of your children or landscapes and offer a half day course for £69 or full day for £99 in our studio or your own home and on the full day out and about to practise.

Advanced training and editing,


Equestrian Pets Newborns

Now you have those skills to shoot in manual would you like to learn the more advanced skills?  I can teach to your own standards and requirements in shooting or editing. Our advanced courses are priced based on your requirements and time so please get in touch for full details.


I offer training in equestrian and pet photography including posing and workflow to photographers as well as newborn photography posing and safety in our studio or at your own studio.  (please note a 50 mile radius is in place for photographers wishing to train in these subjects) Courses start from a full day 1-2-1 for £395 and includes lunch and models as well as follow up help in my own online group.