Not everyones cup of tea.

When you go onto Steven Browns website with his beautiful colourful paintings of animals would you then email him and expect him to create a black and white pencil drawing of a car? You wouldn’t, you buy his art and know exactly what look he creates and if that’s not the style you would like you look elsewhere for what suits you.

The same goes for your photographer, Of course I always give my all to every client and every situation but I cannot create someone else’s work, only what comes from my heart and my style that is seen on my websites and social media. When your gallery comes to you it will reflect the emotion of the day and the light and the weather and mood of the location but it will always, always be my work and my look.

Not being right for everyone takes a lot to admit for any artist we just want to be liked and put our whole heart into everything we create so if someone doesn’t like our work we take it personally that they don’t like us.

The truth is I am not the photographer for everyone and I think it is so important to choose carefully not based on the price list or because a friend used me but based on looking at my work and thinking this is what I want.

I am not a party photographer, I don’t do fine art well and I don’t do events either or sports or family poses in someone’s hallway. It’s taken years to realise that I don’t have to be someone else, I want to be booked for being me and it’s changed my business in incredible ways just being me. My editing is my own style and I create the images to fit into that style so to ask me to be anything else just isn’t possible.

So who am I as a photographer?

A little bit goofy, I walk funny and often trip over my own feet but I don’t create for money, Of course my job has to pay the bills and I do believe I am worth a small wage too but I love my job when I know I’ve been booked for me I will spend many days editing to make you smile when you see your gallery.

I love equestrian and pet photography. I love posing your beautiful newborns and siblings and I love lifestyle and baby lifestyle which is a natural storytelling to your family life to go into someone’s house and think on the spot capturing images of true life with light posing direction initially that turns into real moments.

I love to go outside with families and children or couples or a glowing mum to be and in all these amazing locations no matter the weather. I don’t give you 100 directions on a pose so that when you look “right” on camera the moment has passed.

I work by putting you in a beautiful spot and direct you were to be and we tell a story with your children, we play or we get real emotions through real laughs or real cuddles. I love to mix those outdoor family and children’s images with playing or a couple showing me the real them because this is what I want you to remember in years to come and to those you pass the images onto. I want your personality in them and yes they will be edited in my style.

I so hope to book you in soon to create your own memories.