Meraki And Me.

Our business branding sessions are designed to show off not only what you create in your business or how your business works but the real you, the real meaning behind your business and why it started and exactly what goes into the day to day running that customers don't normally get to see. This is so important when creating your overall brand and keeping your social media full of updates and images because people really do buy into those with a face and a story.

When I arrived Susan greeted me instantly with a huge warm and lovely personality that you couldn't help but want to spend time with her and learn all about her incredible talents and right away I could tell her business was special. Susan runs her home business called Meraki and Me, Meraki meaning to put yourself and your soul, creativity and love into what you do and create and I can see this in every item created. Stated with the will to work at home with her Son In a lovely little workshop space again created with love and attention to detail Susan spends hours crafting and creating as well as all the hard work no one sees such as preparing the wood and the cleaning of it before beautiful items are made.

Meraki and me have a range of hand made signs to jars and pictures all unique and crafted with so much love which you can order through her facebook page and you can also purchase them inside of riverside replicas in Thurso.