The Highland Haven

The Highland Haven formally BB’S Bunkhouse.

I had been to the lovely little cafe in Mey several times in the past and knew it had been turned into holiday accommodation so I was so excited when the owner Bronagh asked to me come Photograph it on my Business branding package. I expected to see a lovely renovated version of the old building and on arriving to the road with a view down to The Haven I felt my excitement bubble over at how unusual it looked and how well done the building was and very different from its previous exterior.


I was greeted by a wonderful warm family and Bronagh who I instantly knew was a warm, friendly host who was very proud of her achievement and really cared about every detail.


If you are looking for not only a great location and view with peace and tranquillity but also a great host who is always happy to help then The Highland Haven if a really perfect accommodation. Beautifully finished inside and out with such a great twist of bunks instead of bedroom which I could just have curled up inside and shut the door and stayed for a few weeks with a good book.


The Highland Haven makes a perfect spot for a one person stop over or for a family home for a week or two and that hard to find one or two night stay opportunities too but also holds events such as yoga and Christmas with gifts and cafe so I really look forward to see what the ever forward thinking family come up with next for their beautiful Haven.


You can Book the Highland Haven or message them on their facebook page here

or have a look on their website